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High Frequent Shortcuts


tmux a -t -> attach an existing session

tmux list-keys -t vi-copy

tmux list-buffers
tmux show-buffer -b n
tmux save-buffer -b n foo.txt

Vim Shortcuts

dG -> delete till the end; Combined with gg and dG to delete all lines
dgg -> delete all from beginning till current line.

IntelliJ Common Shortcuts

Ctrl + j -> bring up live templates

Ctrl + y -> delete current line

Ctrl + Alt + i -> indent current line

Ctrl + Alt + l -> auto format code

Ctrl + b -> go to declarations

Ctrl + Alt + Left/Right -> navigate files

Ctrl + Shift + F7 -> highlight usage

Alt + F7 -> find usage

/** +  Enter above a method signature -> create Javadoc stubs

Bash Shortcuts

Deleting: because I type a lot of rubbish…

Ctrl + w –> delete previous word

Alt + d -> delete next word

Ctrl + k -> delete from cursor to the end of line

Ctrl + u -> delete from cursor to the begin of line

export JAVA_HOME=`/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.7`  -> switching java version in Mac