Install OS for Netbook Acer D250/KAV60

The original thinking is to reuse my netbook which was shipped with windows 7.
The netbook was too slow by running heavily-loaded windows components.

Here is just a quick note of trying various OS.

Chromium OS from Hexxeh distribution was problematic, though installing via USB was easy.
It is no way to detect available wireless connections. I even have tried hotspot from my handphone without any security or open SSID.

Puppy Linux was not going smooth either, because I found the distribution was less maintained, and they are not using hyper image. I have no way to use windows Image Writer to write my USB.

Linux Mint 15 is nice. A lot of documentations are available. Now I am trying to install to hard disk from USB.
I was blackout in the middle, and I thought it was finished. After pulling out the USB, kernel panic!
So I have to do that again. However, after seeing the partition table again, I am wondering if the free space is not enough.
My previous NTFS took all the space of 160G.

By right, I should use window’s disk manager to shrink the giant NTFS under C:\, but the reality turned out that windows won’t give me options to free up all the space I need.

Therefore, bored enough with windows, I decided to give up dual boot and make my netbook solely to linux mint.

I partitioned the entire disk into three. One 20G for root, one 2G for Swap, and the rest for /home.

The results turned as sweet and charm. After half an hour installation, the machine was successfully armed with linux mint 15 with MATE (VLC supported of course).

After that, I installed the driver (for my wireless card), updated software by update manager, installed chromrium browser.

and now I am typing using it.


By default, the mic doesn’t work for Skype.
I followed this guide, and it worked as a charm.

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2 thoughts on “Install OS for Netbook Acer D250/KAV60

  1. Kost1 says:

    Did you manage to detect wireless networks with Chrome OS? I really want to try it out but needs to be connected to a network (Which I cannot choose).

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