Leo in Fish Tanks

Time: May 19, 3 pm – 7 pm
Location: Singapore Marine Life Park, SEA Aquarium


Leopord Ray
Spotted Ray


Leopard Shark
Grey Reef Shark. It has black tail fin.
Black Tip Reef Shark. It has black tip for its first dorsal fin.
White Tip Reef Shark. It has black tip for its first dorsal fin, comparing with black tip.
Black and White Tips in one photo. Not easy to have in real life, I guess.
Sandbar Shark. It has a wide mouth, and big and sharp first dorsal fin. Chinese name is 阔口真鲨 or 高鳍真鲨
Tawny Nurse Shark, aka sleeping shark. They don’t move a thing to my observation for 2 hours.
Hammerhead Shark. The head is actually a bigger sensor.


Exact Name Unknown
Exact Name Unknown
Upsidedown Sea Jelly
Japanese Sea Nettle
Exact Name Unknown
Exact Name Unknown


There are several, very playful. When putting my head against the glass and sending my brain signal, it seams they can pick it up. The lake isn’t dirty, and it is designed like this.


In the tank, they are willing to move out of their pipes. But in real life, they are quite conservative with their nests.
Black Spotted eel.
Yellow eel.

Squirt and Octopus

Look the same way when you are seeing them while diving. It is said they like lights, so may jump out of water to the boat at night.
Very soft.


The class is usually silver-colored, schooling together. Male is usually darker than female.
Shrimp Scad. There are many relatively small fish, with yellow tails.
Lookdown. Easy to spot the silver larger fish with its flat and sharp head.
Giant Trevally.
Threadfin Trevally. Swimming in a group round after round in the tank.


My favorite. From small to big size, no matter what, they are looking after their territory for nesting, and very “offensive” to divers. Look at their eyes, “don’t piss me off”.
Clown Triggerfish. Small but colorful fish, 15 cm to my eye. A little big tricky to find the shy triggerfish.
Others call it red-tooth. I don’t know why, but it is really unique with the blue body and tails.
White and small. Easy to identify.


Crab. Look similar to my favorite Japanese buffet dish. Some are living happily in the aquarium, Some are cooling off in the plate..
Sea Urchin. I thought I knew it so no futher details.
Lobster. If you know the sign language for it, even funny. Yummy with hands cycling around stomach.

From now on, it would be a bit tricky. I’d like to put similar fish near to each other.

Butterfly fish

Raccon Butterfly fish
Schooling. It looks like Reef Bannerfish, except that their banners are more horizontal than Reef ones. According to source


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